Neleman’s “Body Transformed” explores how body modification, for spiritual, ritual, tribal, or sexual reasons, reflects a myriad of cultural influences, all of which are united by a deeply imbedded passion to overcome the human body’s natural limitations and to worship the metamorphosed being.  This book documents the growing cult of “transforming” through extreme modifications including scarring, burning, implanting, cutting and amputating.  Body Transformed has a classic uncompromising photographic direction with an inspiring sculptural angle. Neleman has found a very  serene approach to a dark subject matter. 

The Body Transformed project shows how radical subjects, found all over the globe, are testing the limits of body aesthetics through extreme modifications.  Neleman's subjects are driven by complex objectives such as visual ornamentation, improvement of sexual perception and sometimes an exhibitionistic desire to control pain. ‘Body Transformed” challenges our moral boundaries, to ultimately shed light onto this complex subject matter to come to a better understanding of this underground phenomena.



 “The Super photographer in New York.”

                        -I Magazine, Japan

 “Neleman is intent on creating his own world—and he’s been very successful in doing so.”

                        -Communication Arts

 “An artist trained in the classical tradition.  His photographs display a unique eye.”

                        -U.S. Eye

 “Neleman is always moving onward and upward.”

                        -British Journal of Photography

 “Morbid beauty.”

                        -Unique Magazine, Belgium

 “Exquisite lighting and just the right amount of studied detail, these are the main ingredients of the “Neleman-esque feeling.”

                        -American Photographer

 “Only a few photo-artists have such a sharp sense of sculpture.”

                        -Photo Design

 “Neleman’s photography is an unapologetic invitation to have such a close-up view of sorrow that it becomes transfixing, and yes, even sublime.”

-Ana Castillo